Self-Slicing pizza: first draft

Adjusted text from blog entry :
I've been wanting to try this for a while and finally got around to it- a pizza with some adventure, one that you don't have to slice. I had to make it kind of fast because it was our lunch and we were hungry, but the results so far for this first draft have been encouraging. The thing about it is- the pizza decides how big your slice is going to be. The slices rip off randomly, it's a lot of fun to eat. Fluffier than I wanted. You can already see that the middle part will be the prized section of this pizza- something to rip towards and work for. More updates to come once I work on the second draft- going to try different shapes/patterns to fit together to get the ultimate self-slicing pizza.

I cut some rectangles out of the thin dough and tried to arrange them in a circular pattern. I thought that it would be good to not put them on there too perfectly, so the slices were a little bit more random.

Here's a picture of the finished pizza, toppings are mozz, tomato, salami, and some good sauce- sweet but not too sweet. Not Papa John's sweet.

Here Valeria takes a slice, the pizza decides that it should be a small slice.

A view from the bottom side of a big slice.